Spooky Eye Monster Cupcakes

Spooky Eye Monster cupcakes that are more cute than spooky.

You will need:


Frosted cupcakes

Green non pareil sprinkles

Purple crystal sugar sprinkles

Orange sugar sprinkles (sanding sugar)

SweetWorks Spooky Eye Gumballs

Candy eye

Licorice lace

Red fruit by the foot


1.  Pour sprinkles in 3 separate dishes.  Dip frosted cupcake upside down into the bowl and roll to cover entire top of the cupcake.


For the purple cupcake:


1.   Place eyeball in the middle of the cupcake.

2.   Using kitchen shears round off one end of the fruit by the foot for the tongue.  Place on cupcake and let it hang off the cupcake.

3.   Cut a the licorice lace and place on tongue on the cupcake for the mouth.


For the green cupcake:

1.  Place eyeball on one side of the top of the cupcake and the candy eye on the other side.

2.  Cut 3 small pieces of licorice lace and push into the top of the cupcake.

3.  Cut a piece of licorice lace for the mouth and place on cupcake.


For the orange cupcake:

1.  Place 3 eyeballs on the top of the cupcake

2.  Cut a small piece of licorice lace for the mouth.