Seahawks Chex Mix



We fly the 12th man flag proudly at our house, and we ALWAYS have a Super Bowl party! 


Our favorite snack for the big game is of course Chex Mix. 


But I had to make it more festive, after all, the Seahawks are back at the Super Bowl baby!!!  So I came up with my own special edition Seahawks Chex Mix!!

You will need:


1 (8.75 oz) bag of Original Chex Mix

1 (4 oz) box Skittles (for Seahawk Marshawn Lynch of course)

1/2 cup almonds

black edible marker


1.  With your black edible marker draw the laces and the ends of the football on the almonds.

2.  Mix the football almonds and the Skittles in the Chex Mix.

A party in a bowl. Super bowl.






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