Scarecrow Snack

Here's an easy and adorable afternoon snack for the kiddos.  Perfect for an after school treat , classroom parties or even Halloween!


You will need:


1 juice box

1 tangerine

4 Sixlet snack pouches

1 brown paper bag or craft paper

1 leaf

1 red marker

1 black marker

*Optional - mini straw hat (can be found in the doll section in any craft store)

glue gun

1.  Draw a scarecrow face on a tangerine.

2.  Draw a plaid design on a small paper bag. 

3.  Cut paper bag to fit the juice box.  Wrap around the box and use glue gun to secure.

4.  Attach leaf on top of juice box with glue gun.

5.  Using glue gun, attach the tangerine to the top of the box.

6.  Attach hat with glue gun to the top of the tangerine.

7.  Using glue gun, attach the Sixlets candy pouches to the box for the arms and legs.