Rice Krispie Treat Buf-faux-lo Wings

A fun dessert that will fool any football fan.  Great for April Fools' day too!

You will need:


Store-bought Rice Krispie Treat bars

3 Tbs Tangerine or Orange juice

1 cup Dark brown sugar

Green licorice

Marshmallow creme (I used the Jet-Puffed brand in the jar)

Mini marshmallows


1.  Shape Rice Krispie Treats to look like chicken wings.


2.  Make a brown sugar glaze by mixing of 1 cup packed dark brown sugar and approximately 3 Tablespoons of tangerine juice.  Reduce on low heat in a saucepan until thick. 


3.  If you want them to have the red buffalo sauce look, you may add a little red food coloring. 


4.  Generously coat the wings in the glaze. Let dry on parchment paper.


5.  Cut the green licorice in half to look like celery.


6.  Chop up some mini marshmallows and mix in the marshmallow creme for the bleu cheese dipping sauce.



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