Pretty Peep Cake

Peeps all dressed up for the Easter Parade on a mini cake.


 Pretty. Peep. Petite.

You will need:


6" cake

White buttercream frosting

Vivia paper towels

Patterned paper towels

Necco wafers - about 4 rolls

Pink bunny Peeps

Purple bunny Peeps

Icing flowers (Pink)

Heart Sprinkles (green)

Confetti Sprinkle (yellow)

Jumbo flower sprinkle (white)

Small flower sprinkle (yellow)

Mini paper cupcake liner

Yellow paper drink umbrella


1.  Frost cake with white buttercream frosting. Use the Viva towel smoothing method - tutorial can be found here on's website.  Press the Necco Wafers candy into the icing, starting on the bottom row first, alternating colors. 

3.  Using a paper towel with a nice embossed pattern, press on top of the buttercream.

4.  Carefully lift off paper towel.  Now you have a pretty pattern! (Please note that these paper towel methods will only work with buttercream not the canned frosting - you can buy buttercream frosting from your local grocery store bakery).


5.  Cut one pink Peep in half with kitchen shears.

6.  Poke a toothpick in the middle of a mini cupcake liner.

7.  Push bunny Peep head into the top of the toothpick and press on the bottom of the cupcake liner so it looks like a skirt.  With buttercream, attach flower sprinkles.

8.  Using kitchen shears, cut a purple Peep bunny and a pink Peep bunny in half.

9.  Attach pink head to purple body with buttercream.  Add heart and round confetti sprinkles for the bow tie using buttercream.  Press a toothpick in the bottom of the bunny.



10.  Place Peeps and umbrella on top of cake.