Popsicle Turkey

Popsicles for Thanksgiving?  You bet!! This is so cute and the kids are gonna love it!

You will need:


2 orange Popsicles

3 cherry Popsicles

4" styrofoam ball

brown acrylic paint

brown construction paper

orange construction paper

2 googly eyes

hot glue gun

foam board or wooden board


1.  Cut off a small amount of the styrofoam ball with a sharp knife so the ball sits flat.


2.  Paint ball with brown acrylic paint (do not use spray paint, the styrofoam will melt). Allow to dry completely.


3.  Cut the brown constuction paper in the shape of a big peanut.


4.  Cut a small triangle out of the orange construction paper for beak.


5.  Using the hot glue gun attach the googly eyes and beak onto the brown construction paper.


6.  Glue the brown construction paper onto the front of the styrofoam ball


7.  Glue the bottom of the ball onto the foam or wooden board for stability.


8.  Push the Popsicle sticks into the top of the styrofoam ball and fan them out in alternating flavors for the feathers.