Polar Bear Donut

Powdery Pudgy Polar Bear.

You will need:


1 powdered sugar donut hole

1 powdered sugar mini donut

2 Smarties candies (white)

2 chocolate jimmies sprinkles

4 mini marshmallows

1 fruit by the foot

1 brown M&M

black edible marker

1 can white frosting



1.  Attach the donut hole on top of the mini donut with frosting.


2.  Push in the Smarties candies for the ears in the donut hole.


3.  Push in the chocolate jimmies for eyes in the donut hole.


4.  Attach the M&M nose to the donut hole with the frostng.


5.  Cut a small strip of fruit by the foot and wrap around the polar bear's neck.  Secure with frosting.


6.  Draw paw prints on mini marshmallows with the black edible marker.  Attach to polar bear with frosting.

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