Pig Cupcakes

When I saw Taste of Home's pig cookies, I thought they were so ham-tastic that I just had to put my little spin on them and make these precious little porkers as cute little cuppies!

You will need:


12 Cupcakes

1 can white frosting

red food coloring

4 pink wafer cookies

24 mini chocolate chips

12 pink Necco wafers

24 pink mini marshmallows

black edible marker


1.  Tint the white frosting with red food coloring until  you get your desired shade of pink.


2.  Frost the top of the cupcakes with the pink frosting.


3.  Cut the pink wafer cookies into small triangles for the ears.  Place 2 on the top of the cupcake.


4.  Press 2 mini chocolate chips upside down on top of the cupcake for eyes.


5.  Using the black edible marker, make 2 dots in the middle of a pink Necco wafer for the nose and place in the middle of the cupcake.


6.  Attach 2 pink mini marshmallows to the side of the cupcake for the feet using the frosting.