Penguin Oreo Cookies

Super cool and super cute. Easy to make too!

You will need:



7 oz pouch store-bought White Cookie Icing

Heart sprinkles - jumbo and small

Pink rainbow chip sprinkles

Black sugar pearls


1.  Squeeze out cookie icing on top of the Oreo, leaving a "v" shape on top as shown in photo.


2.  Place 2 of the black sugar pearls in the icing for the eyes.


3.  Place 1 pink rainbow chip in the icing for the beak.


4.  Place 2 small heart sprinkles in the icing for the feet.


5.  Twist off the top of another Oreo cookie. Cut about 1/4 of the Oreo top and then cut that piece in half for the arms.


6.  Place on top of the icing for the arms. 


7.  Attach a jumbo heart sprinkle to the top of an arm with icing.






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