Peep Sunflower Cake

I first saw this cake in Taste of Home magazine a few years ago and had to make it!  It's so easy and you can get their recipe here.


A great time saver is to purchase a chocolate cake from the bakery and let the kids decorate it while you're making Easter dinner or brunch!


My recipe varies just slightly as I like to break apart my Peeps. 



You will need:


Chocolate frosted cake - if you are pressed for time, buy a chocolate cake from your local bakery

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Yellow chick Peeps

*Yellow sugar sprinkles - optional


1.  Break apart Peeps and arrange like petals around the top outside edge of the cake. * If you do not want the white marshallow part to show, simply dip it into the yellow sugar sprinkles.


2  Fill in the middle of the cake with chocolate chips.