Paw Print Flowers

There are so many great hand and footprint craft ideas for kids, what about our furbabies?


I came across this great idea on social media (If you happen to know who took these photos, please email me - I'd love to give proper credit for the pics!)


This is a super cute craft you can do with your willing furbabies. Please don't force your pet to participate. 


1.  Place your pet's paw in pet-safe paint. Click here to see safe paint info for your pet.


2.  Gently press your pet's paw onto a piece of paper or canvas. 


3.  Wash the paint off of your pet's paw. Give your furbaby a treat and a smooch.


4.  Paint some stems, leaves and details in the middle of the paw flower. 


A cute idea for Mother's Day!