Notepad Rice Krispie Treats

Here's a cute little Back-to-School snack!  So what do you say? A+?


You will need:


Rice Krispie Treat

White Fondant

Blue and Red Edible Markers

Pretzel Stick

Melted Chocolate - white and milk

Red & Yellow Fruit Roll Ups

Red Gumdrop (small)

Green Jimmie Sprinkle

Green Heart Sprinkle

Alphabet Sprinkles


1.     Roll out white fondant.  Cut to fit the top of the Rice Krispie Treat.  Let dry, approxiately 12-24 hours.


2.     Using a straight edge, make blue horizontal lines on the dry fondant for the paper with the blue edible marker.  Make a red verticle line on one side with the red edible maker to make it look like paper.


3.     Add the alphabet sprinkles - you may attach with melted white chocolate.


4.     Cut a yellow Fruit Roll Up the length of the pretzel stick.  Wrap around the stick and cut off excess.  Pinch one end to a point.


5.     Dip the point of the pencil into melted milk chocolate for the tip.  Let dry.


6.     Cut a small piece of the red Fruit Roll Up and wrap around other end of the pretzel stick for the eraser.


7.     To make the apple, turn the small red gumdrop upside down.  Poke a hole in the middle with a toothpick and then insert the green jimmie sprinkle for the stem.  Attach the green heart sprinkle with melted white chocolate.


8.     Place the apple and pencil on top of the notepad.  Attach with melted white chocolate if desired.