Yeah, that's right. NO BAKE. Too good to be true? Take my hand, I'll walk you through it...

You will need:


Little Debbie Fancy Cakes (1 cake = 1 cake ball)

Candy Melts (about 1 cup)


Lollipop Sticks

Styrofoam block

1.     Remove Little Debbie Fancy Cakes (2 to a pack) and open bag.

2.     Mush cakes in bowl.

3.     Roll cakes into balls.

4.     Melt candy melts according to package instructions. Dip end of lollipop sticks in candy melts and push 1/2 way through pop.  Freeze for an hour.

5.     Dip cake pop into melted candy coating and place stick into styrofoam block to dry.  Using a toothpick dipped in candy coating, add sprinkles.

That's it.  3 ingredients - Mush, roll, freeze, dip, done.  Booyah.