Mummy Spoons

I want my Mummy!  Perfect to stir into your hot cocoa after a cold night of trick or treating!

You will need:


Vanilla CandiQuik

Plastic spoons

Mini M&M's

Candy squeeze bottle

Parchment or wax paper


1.  Melt CandiQuik according to package instructions.


2.  Scoop the CandiQuik into the spoon so it is evenly coated.


3.  Place on parchment paper.


4.  Pour some of the CandiQuik into a plastic candy squeeze bottle. 


5.  Using the squeeze bottle, drizzle the CandiQuik over the top of the spoons.


6.  Place the mini M&M's on the spoons for the eyes.  Let dry completely.


Great all wrapped up for a party favor too!




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