Mint Chocolate Reindeer

Come on. It's chocolate. It's cute. And the scary thing is I could eat the whole thing. Oh well, 'Tis the Season!

You will need:


1 Ovation Dark Chocolate Mint Filled Break-A-Part

4 Ovation Mint Sticks

2 Celebration white Shimmer Pearls

Christmas Mix Sixlets candy

Chocolate candy coating

Black edible marker


1.  Melt chocolate candy coating according to package instructions.


2.  Cut 2 Mint Sticks in half.  Dip one end into melted candy coating and attach to full mint stick so it resembles an antler.  Place on wax paper to dry.  Make 2 antlers.


3.  After the antlers are set, dip the bottom of the antler into the melted candy coating. 


4.  Place on top of the Mint Break-A-Part.  Hold in place until set.


5.  Using a black edible marker make eyes on 2 of the white Shimmer Pearls. Attach to front of the head with the melted candy coating.


6.  Attach a red Sixlet to the front of the head for the nose using melted candy coating.


7.  Place on a tray covered with Christmas Mix Sixlets.



This post was sponsored by SweetWorks.  All opinions are my own.