Marshmallow Gatos for Cinco de Mayo

Sweet little gatos all dressed up in their sombreros!

You will need:


Marshmallows (Jet-Puffed regular size)

Golden Oreos

Yellow cookie icing

Jimmie sprinkles

Fruit Roll up in red and green

Black candy coated sunflower seeds

Small pink confetti sprinkles

Black edible marker

Melted white candy coating wafers


1.  Twist open Golden Oreos and use the half without the frosting.


2.  Frost the Golden Oreo half with yellow cookie icing.  Place a yellow gumdrop in the middle and sprinkle the edges with jimmie sprinkles.


3.  Cut a small green fruit roll up strip and wrap around the bottom of the gumdrop.  Secure with melted white candy coating.


4.  Using a knife or kitchen shears, cut 2 small triangles from a marshmallow and attach to each side of the gumdrop on top of the hat for ears.


5.  Let icing on hat dry completely.


6.  Using the black edible marker, make 2 dots on the marshmallow for eyes.


7.  With a toothpick dipped in melted candy coating, attach the pink confetti sprinkle for the nose and the 2 black candy coated sunflower seeds for the mustache.  Place each sunflower seed on the opposite side of the nose pointing downward.


8.  Cut a strip of red fruit roll up and tie around the middle of the marshmallow.


9.  Using the black edible marker, make whiskers.


10.  Cut a small tail out of marshmallow and attach with white melted candy coating.


Now you have super cute kitties for Cinco de Mayo!






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