Little Lunch Tray

A super sweet teeny tiny treat to get the kiddos excited for school!

You will need:


Graham Crackers

Gummy Hamburger

Pik-Nik Shoestring Potatoes

White & Yellow Taffy

Red & Green Jimmies

Black Edible Marker

White Frosting

1.     Cut about an inch off the end of a graham cracker.

2.     Draw on tray compartments with a black edible marker.

3.     Shape white taffy or white fondant into a milk carton shape.  Press in red jimmie sprinkle for the straw.  Write in the word "MILK" on the sides of the carton.

4.     Shape the yellow taffy into a banana.  Dot the ends with a black edible marker.

5.     Snap a few Pik-Niks in half for the french fries.

6.     Use green jimmie sprinkles for green beans.

6.     Use a gummy hamburger for the little lunch.

7.     Place everything on the graham cracker tray.  Secure with white frosting.

A fun little snack for after school!