Leaf Cookies

Need a great idea for a harvest party or just a treat to transition into the chilly weather?  I got this! 


Oh, and it's easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You will need:


Store bought maple leaf sandwich cookies - I've seen them at Safeway or Trader Joes

Candy eyes 

Food color mist - red, orange, yellow & green

Small amount of frosting or melted chocolate 

Rips Whips candy

Black edible marker



1.     Lay out cookies on parchment or wax paper.

2.     Spray with your choice of food color mist.  Allow to dry completely.

3.     Attach eyes with frosting or melted chocolate.

4.     Cut small pieces of the Rips Whips licorice lace candy for the stem.  Push into the bottom of the cookie into the maple cream filling. 

5.     Draw on a mouth using the black edible marker.

Everyone will "fall" in love with these cute cookies!