Itsy Bitsy Spiders

So my large gumball spider looks kinda like an octopus.  I get that, but I think it's still super cute. 


The itsy bitsy ones, now THEY look like SPIDERS!

See?  These itsy bitsy ones made out of Sixlets & Celebration Pearls candies look more like spiders.  And they're cute too!


You will need:


Sixlets candies

Celebration Pearls

Colored jimmies sprinkles to match the candy

Black edible marker


!.  Place Sixlet candy on top of a frosted brownie bite or mini cupcake.


2.  Using an edible black marker, draw a small smiley face on a color-coordinated pearl candy and place in front of the Sixlet on the frosting.


3.  Push 4 jimmies into the frosting on one side of the Sixlet.  Then push 4 jimmies into the frosting on the other side.


Now you have a sweet itty bitty baby spider!