Harvest Wagon Cookies

Welcome fall with Harvest Wagon Cookies!


You will need:


Chocolate wafer cookies

1 can store-bought chocolate frosting

Round butterscotch candy discs

Pretzel sticks

Pumpkin candy

Shredded wheat cereal

Leaf sprinkles


1.  Place 1 chocolate wafer cookie flat for the bottom of the wagon.


2.  Using chocolate frosting, attach 4 chocolate wafers to the botttom of the wagon for the sides of the wagon.  Trim to fit.


3.  Attach butterscotch disc candies for wheels using frosting.


4.  Sprinkle inside of wagon with shredded wheat cereal.


5.  Attach the leaf sprinkles and shredded wheat to the edges of the wagon with frosting.

6.  Place candy pumpkins on top.


7.  Using chocolate frosting, attach pretzel stick for handle.