DIY Great Pumpkin Outdoor Porch Decor

Celebrate Halloween with a Great Pumpkin theme!



1.  I cut a Snoopy silhouette out of black tagboard.

2.  Next I cut a large circle out of white tagboard, grass out of green tagboard and pumpkins out of orange tagboard.  I mounted everyting using a glue stick and glue gun onto a 20"x30" Black Foam Core board I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

3.  I used another 20"x30" black foam core board and attached more grass and pumpkins made of tagboard.


Next I sprayed everything with an acrylic sealant (do this outside).


Poke holes in the back of the foam core and push in battery operated twinkle lights ( I used 2 strands of 15 lights.



4.  Using white foam core board I drew the ghosts with a large black permanent marker and cut them out with a craft knife. I attached wooden dowels to the back with a glue gun and batting to Pig Pen's ghost.



5.  I draped a table with burlap, added fall leaves and some pumpkins on top. I found a Halloween cut out of Linus at Big Lots but you can make your own too. I even added little bit of blue felt for his blanket.

6  I pushed the dowels I glued to the back of the ghosts into hay bales. I added paper sacks and "I got a rock" for the Charlie Brown ghost!

Turn on your twinkle lights at night  and add a flashlight to shine on Snoopy and the moon! The neighborhood kids will love it!



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