Graham Cracker Bulletin Board

Post a note on the board to make these cute little snacks!  Perfect for a back to school treat!

You will need:


Graham Crackers

Pretzel Sticks

White Fondant

Edible Markers

Colored Nonpareil Sprinkles

Peanut Butter or White Frosting


1.     Roll out fondant and cut into small rectangles.  Press a nonpareil in the upper left corner and let dry.


2.     Using the edible markers, write various school related notes on the dry fondant. 


3.     Attach the pretzel sticks to the edge of the graham cracker using peanut butter.


4.     Spread peanut butter on the back of the fondant and attach to the cracker.


5.     Place a small dot of peanut butter to the nonpareil sprinkles and put them on the cracker to resemble push pins.