Graduation Collage Centerpiece

4 years ago I created centerpieces for my son's high school graduation open house.  They turned out so great and I have had so many people ask for a tutorial that I finally have gotten around to making a tutorial.


4 years later...


I am now making a new set for my youngest son's high school graduation! Time flies!!

You will need:


Paper Mache numbers from Hobby Lobby - they are 8" tall.

computer paper (just the regular kind)

acrylic paint

glue stick

Mod Podge

2 sponge brushes for paint and Mod Podge

parchment paper (this is a must!)

4"x 24" piece of plywood

black spray paint

glue gun


1.  Paint the sides of the numbers with acrylic paint - I used purple for my son's high school colors.

2.  Download photos and arrange them into a collage - I used the program (it's free).  I then changed the setting to black and white and printed them out on my computer.

3.  Place the numbers on the collage paper and trace around the number. Then cut out the number shape.

4.  Use a glue stick to attach the paper to the number.

5.  Don't forget the back!

6.  Brush on a coat of Mod Podge - don't worry if it wrinkles a little, when it dries they will flatten out. PLACE ON PARCHMENT PAPER TO DRY. DO NOT STACK THEM EVEN WHEN THEY ARE DRY. yes, I am shouting because I did that and they stuck together and I had to do ALL OF THEM OVER AGAIN. Trust me.

7.  Cut 4" wide plywood into 24" long pieces. Spray wood with black paint and let dry completely.  Using a glue gun, attach the numbers to the wood. 

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