Fairy Garden Brownie

Fun edible craft that makes "gardening" sweet!

You will need:


9" pie plate or square pan

Brownie mix

chocolate frosting

chocolate wafer ice cream cone

chocolate wafer cookie

Candy rocks

Graham crackers

sliced almonds

2 mini cupcakes

bright green non-pareils sprinkles

dark green jimmies sprinkles

blue rock candy

flower sprinkles

assorted candy

crushed Oreos



1.  Bake brownie in dishaccording to package directions.  Let cool and frost with chocolate frosting.


2. Cut top of chocolate ice cream cone and turn upside down. Frost a mini cupcake covering entirely and immediately roll in bright green non-pareil sprinkles. Attach cupcake to cone with frosting for the tree.


3.  Cut chocolate wafer cookie in half and attach to the front of the cone with frosting for the door. Place on top of the frosted brownie.


4.  Make a path with candy rocks as shown.  Sprinkle middle of path with crushed Oreos.


5.  Cover the rest of the brownie with dark green jimmies for the grass.


6.  Frost the top of a mini cupcake and decorate with sliced almonds. Place on brownie


7.  Place mint nonpareil candy wafers for large stepping stones on brownie.


8.  Make a small bench from a graham cracker using frosting as glue.


9.  Create a small pond out of blue rock candy.


10.  Make mushrooms from marshmallow bits as stems and red Jujubes for the top of the mushroom.  Dot with white frosting and attach to a mint wafer with icing.


11. White Smartie candies are the path stepping stones and finish with royal icing flowers.






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