Cute Chocolate Bears

I want to wish Little Debbie's scrumptious Fudge Rounds a "Beary Sweet" 40th Anniversary!


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I totally understand why they have stood the test of time, they are fudgy, creamy and the perfect treat for the kids after school or for me at midnight.




So to celebrate I made some beary cute snacks using the Fudge Rounds!




You will need:


Little Debbie Fudge Rounds

Chocolate candy coating wafers

Candy eyes

Small black jelly beans

Chocolate Necco Wafers

Black edible marker


1.  Push 2 chocolate candy melts into the top of the Fudge Round for the ears.


2.  Melt a small amount of candy coating wafers according to package instructions


3.  Attach candy eyes and chocolate Necco Wafer to the top of the Fudge Round with the melted candy coating.


4.  Secure the jelly bean nose to the top of the Necco Wafer with melted candy coating.


5.  Draw in a mouth with the black edible markers.


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