Say hello to Crow-eos. These Harvest cookies are made from Oreos!

You will need:


For the crows:


Candy eyes

Orange circus peanut candy

Black licorice lace

melted chocolate or frosting


For the scarecrow:

Golden Oreo or Oreo Cakester

Candy eyes

Triangle sprinkle

Flower sprinkle

Shredded wheat cereal

Red fruit roll up

Edible black marker

melted chocolate or frosting


To make the Crows:

1.     Using a small knife, cut a beak shape out of the circus peanut. Flatten a little with your fingers.

2.     Attach beak and candy eyes to Oreo with melted chocolate or frosting.

3.     Cut small strands of licorice lace and tuck into the cream filling at the top of the Oreo.


To make the Scarecrow:

1.     Using kitchen shears, cut a small strip of fruit roll up and shape around the top of the Oreo.

2.     Next cut a small strip for the brim of the hat.  Simply press on the hat, it should stick without any frosting.

3.     Attach eyes, nose and flower to the Oreo with melted chocolate or frosting.

4.     Push a small amount of the shredded wheat cereal into the Oreo just under the hat brim.

5.     Draw on the mouth with a black edible marker.