Cotton Candy Yosicle Milkshakes

Every year for my birthday I go to our State Fair.  When I was a kid it was all about the rides.  Now, for me,  it's all about the food...

Like hot buttery scones filled with raspberry jam...

or crinkle fries with lots of salt and ketchup...

uber chocolately Rocky Road ice cream.  Mmmmm...

and the sweetest Fair Food ever -  COTTON CANDY!

Cotton Candy-Vanilla flavored Yosicles remind me of going to the State Fair!  I decided to make cute mini milkshakes using Cotton Candy-Vanilla Yosicles.  My boys absolutely love these!

You will need:


Cotton Candy-Vanilla flavored Yosicles

Cotton Candy

1 scoop vanilla ice cream (not pictured)

1/2 cup milk

 *optional - whipping cream


2.     With a knife, scrape the Yosicles off the stick into a blender.

3.  Add 1/2 cup milk and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

4.     Blend ingredients together in blender.

5.     If you want a thicker shake, just add more vanilla ice cream.

6.     Wrap a little cotton candy around a straw.  Pour into mini glasses or one big glass.  Top with whipping cream and sprinkles if desired.

Yummy cuteness!

Here's the only ride I could handle after a full stomach!  To keep those warm summer night at the Fair memories alive throughout the year, just make yourself some Cotton Candy Yosicle Milkshakes!!!



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