Cornucopia Cones

Did I ever mention that I'm a Snoopy freak?  Well I am.  And one of my favorite things to make for Thanksgiving is Snoopy's Thanksgiving Feast.  You know, the one he served on the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special.  But I put in in a cornucopia cone.  I know, cute, right?

You will need:


Ice cream sugar cones

Can of chocolate frosting

Leaf Sprinkles


For Snoopy's Dinner:


Pretzel sticks

Jelly Beans


1.  Stir the frosting in the can and put some in a small bowl.


2.  Pour the leaf sprinkles into another small bowl.


3.  Dip the edges of the cone into the frosting.


4.  Then dip the frosted edge into the sprinkles.


5.  Fill with a mixture of popcorn, pretzel sticks & jelly beans.


Super easy, the kids can make them too.  It's fun for the kids (or adults) to munch on when they are watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!