Caramel Apple Pops

So we had some leftover Halloween candy - Sour Apple Laffy Taffy.  I thought they would be cute little caramel apples.  And you know what?  They are. 


Super yummy and so easy to make, you'll love these to the core.

You will need:


Sour Apple Laffy Taffy

Lollipop sticks


Wax or parchment paper


1.  Unwrap a few Laffy Taffy and place on a microwave safe plate. 


2.  Microwave for approximately 7 seconds or until soft and pliable.


3.  Immediately roll into small balls and place a lollipop stick in the center.


4.  Unwrap caramels and place in a microwave safe bowl.


5.  Microwave caramels until it is a good consistency for dipping.  I microwaved at 10 second intervals, stirring after each interval.


6.  Dip taffy pop into the melted caramel and place on wax paper to set.