Candy Hot Dogs

Happy National Hot Dog Day!  These sweet little dogs are super easy to make and oh so cute sitting on top of a cupcake too!

You will need:


Circus Peanut Candy

Wrapped Caramel Candy

Green Gumdrops

Yellow Icing


1.     Cut the Circus Peanut in half horizontally but not all the way through.  Carefully open the Circus Peanut a little.


2.     Unwrap the caramel and place in microwave for just a few seconds until it is soft and moldable (approximately 5 seconds in my microwave).


3.     Shape the caramel into a hot dog shape and place inside the Circus Peanut


4.     Pipe some yellow icing on top of the hot dog in a squiggly line to resemble mustard. (No ketchup please).


5.     Finely chop the green gumdrops.  Sprinkle on top of the hot dog.