Bunny Truffle Topper

These pudgy little bunnies make the sweetest toppers for your Easter cuppies.

You will need:


White LINDOR Lindt chocolate truffles

Almond slices

Pink candy button

Melted white chocolate or melted white candy coating

Pink edible marker

Black edible marker


1.  Using a toothpick dipped in melted white chocolate, attach the pink candy button to the front of the white chocolate truffle.


2.  Color in the middle of 2 of the almond slices with a pink edible marker for the ears.  Dip the bottom of the almond slices in the melted white chocolate and attach to the top of the truffle.  You will have to hold these in place until set.


3.  Using a black edible marker, make 2 dots right above the nose for eyes.


4.  Draw 3 lines on the edge of 2 almond slices for the feet with a black edible marker.  Attach to the bottom of the truffle with melted white chocolate.


5.  Attach a snowflake sprinkle to the other side of the truffle for the tail with melted white chocolate.


6.  Place on top of cupcake.




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