Bunny Oreos

Make somebunny happy with these adorable bunny cookies. So easy to make, they are almost too cute to eat! Almost.

You will need:


Oreo cookies

White candy coating wafers

Regular size marshmallows

Pink sanding sugar sprinkles

Pink small jelly beans

Black edible marker

1.  Melt your candy coating in a microwave according to package instructions.


Pour the coating in a deep container and dip the cookie in the melted coating until completely submerged.


Lift out with fork and tap against the container to remove excess coating.


2.  Carefully slide the candy coated cookie onto parchment or wax paper.


 Let dry completely.

3.  Make 2 dots on top of the cookie for eyes with the black edible marker.

4.  Attach the mini pink jelly bean for the nose with melted candy coating.

5.  Using kitchen shears, cut the marshmallows in half diagonally.

6.  Dip the marshmallow ears cut side down into a shallow dish of pink sanding sugar sprinkles.

7.  Attach marshmallow ears to the cookie with melted candy coating.

Everybunny will love these!

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