Bunny Grahams

So easy and cute, every-bunny will want to make these!   

You will need:


Graham crackers


Black Sweetworks Pearl candies

Pink Sweetworks Sixlet candies (not pictured)

Pink Sweetworks Gumballs

Pink Starburst candies

Black licorice lace


1.  Spread on a layer of white frosting on top of a graham cracker.


2.  Place 2 black Sweetworks Pearls on the frosting on top of the graham cracker for the eyes.


3.  Place 1 pink Sweetworks Gumball in the middle of the graham cracker for the nose.


4.  Cut 8 black licorice lace in 1/2 inch pieces for each bunny.


5.  Under the nose, place 1 black licorice lace piece vertically.  Then curve another piece under the vertical piece and place horizontally for the smile.


6.  Place 3 black licorice pieces on each side of the nose for the whiskers.


7.  Soften a pink Starburst candy in the microwave for about 7 seconds to soften.  Take half of the Starburst and shape into a large teardrop shape with your fingers to form an ear  Repeat for the other ear and place on top of the graham cracker.


8.  Place a pink Sweetworks Sixlet candy on the lower part of the graham cracker in the middle. 


9.  Cut another pink Starburst in half vertically.  Place the pointed ends in so they touch the pink Sixlet candy for the bowtie.


Now you have a hoppy little treat!





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