Beary Sweet Donut

Make a donut that's unbearably cute.


You will need:


1 mini chocolate donut

1 chocolate donut hole

6 chocolate chips

1 mini black jelly bean

1 pretzel

2 white confetti sprinkles

green jimmies sprinkles

chocolate frosting or melted chocolate

black edible marker


1.  Attach the donut hole on top of the mini donut with frosting or melted chocolate.


2.  With the melted chocolate or frosting, attach the chocolate chips flat side facing outward, for the ears, hands and feet.  Hold into place until set.


3.  Using the black edible marker, make eyes on the confetti sprinkles.  Attach to donut hole for the eyes with the frosting.


4.  Attach the jelly bean nose to the donut hole with frosting.


5.  Dip one end of a pretzel stick into the frosting.  Roll the frosted end in the green jimmies.


6.  Attach the pretzel to the bear with frosting.