Say Cheese!

Fool your friends & family with this sweet snack.  Yes, I said sweet - this little appetizer is made of cookies & candy!

You will need:


Vanilla Tootsie Rolls

Fondant rolling pin or you can flatten with your fingers

Icing Decorating Tip or tiny round cookie/fondant cutters

Pizza cutter or sharp knife



1.  Soften Tootsie roll in the microwave by heating it for only a few seconds.  My microwave is a torch so 7 seconds was perfect for me.  (You just want it soft enough to work with.)  Then roll the candy flat on parchment paper to prevent sticking.

2.  Using pizza cutter, cut out a small rectangle.

3.  Make a small hole in the rectangle by using the small end of the piping tip.

4.  Then use the large end of the decorating tip to cut another hole.

5.  Let harden a few minutes then peel off the parchment paper!


Now you have a sweet little piece of swiss cheese!

For the cheddar cheese - use the orange flavored Tootsie Rolls and repeat steps above but omit steps 3 & 4.

For the cheese spread, simply twist the top off of a Golden Oreo Cookie and sprinkle the cream filling with green sugar sprinkles.  Use the tops for "crackers" for the swiss and cheddar cheese.