Academy Award Cookies

And the cookie goes to...

You will need:



Vanilla Candiquik

Yellow Sour Patch Kids candies

Mini Oreos


Gold food color mist


1.  Melt Candiquik according to package instructions.


2.  Dip regular size Oreo into the melted Candiquik and lift out with fork, tapping the edge of the bowl to remove excess.  Place on wax or parchment paper to dry.


3.  Roll out fondant and using a small star cookie cutter, cut out the star shape.  Spray with gold food color mist.


4.  Spray yellow Sour Patch Kids candy with gold food color mist, let dry.


5.  Attach the fondant star on top of the candy coated Oreo with a little melted Candiquik.


6.  Next remove the top of a mini Oreo and attach to the middle of the star using the melted Candiquik.


7.  Dip the bottom of the Sour Patch Kid candy in a small amount of the melted Candiquik.  Stand on top of the mini Oreo and hold into place until dry.




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