4th of July Truffles

Smoke Balls.  But these are sweet.  AND smell GOOD. Lindt Truffles dipped in red and blue colored candy melts. and then decorated with sprinkles.


You will need:


White chocolate Lindt Truffles

Red candy coating

Blue candy coating

Blue and red sugar sprinkles

Star sprinkles

Red licorice lace

Blue cotton candy


1.  Melt candy coating in two microwavable safe bowls according to package instructions.


2.  Dip a truffle in the blue candy melts until it is 1/3 covered.  Place on parchment paper to dry.


3.  Then turn truffle over and dip into red candy coating, tap off excess and let dry.


4.  Attach a small piece of licorice lace to the top with a little melted candy coating.


5.  Add a tuft of blue cotton candy on top for smoke.


* Try variations and dip the whole truffle in the candy coating and roll in sprinkles.  Decorate with star sprinkles or however you wish.  Get creative with this star-spangled snack!


Now these are MY KIND of fireworks!