Snow Cone Sweetness

A super fun and sweet way to keep cool this summer is to make your own snow cones! These happen to be my favorite treat whenever I go to the state fair. 


Snow cones simply make me happy. Fluffy ice drenched in your favorite flavors, the possibilities are endless.


Now you can make them yourself. Crunchy fluffy goodness any time you want!!!! Can life get any better?!!!


Oh, did you know you can make them cute?


Well I did - AND it's super easy! 

The cuteness starts here - with the Nostalgia Retro Snow Cone Maker. I KNOW, RIGHT? So cute!


But don't let the adorableness deceive you - this bad boy crushes your own ice cubes and creates fluffy icy goodness in seconds. 


Super affordable and looks great on your counter or in a game room. 

Next you'll want some syrup for your snow cones. 


If you are like me and want a super fast shortcut, use unfrozen Otter Pops. Serious - just snip off the top of the liquid Otter Pop and pour over your snow cone! Mmmmm....


OR you can purchase syrup in the store or online, or make your own using Kool Aid


Snow Cone Syrup recipe


You will need:


2 cups white sugar

2 cupswater

2  packets of unsweetened Kool Aid


1.  Combine sugar and water in a saucepan and bring to boil.

2.  Reduce heat and simmer for 3 minutes

3.  Remove and stir in Kool Aid.

4.  Cool completely - very important you don't want your fluffy ice to be well, water.

These snow cones are one in a melon - to get my easy instructions on how to make 'em, click here.

Soda you want to make this cherry sweet snow cone? Click here and I'll show you how!

Fish Bowl Snow Cones so cute they should be gillegal. Get my fintasitic recipe here.

Show your creativitea and make Iced Tea Snow Cones! Easy peasy lemon squeezy directions here.


Try flavoring your snow cones with concentrated fruit juice, soda pop or lemonade! The possibilities for snow cones are only limited by your imagination!  


This post was sponsored by the Nostalgia Electrics - all opinions are my own. - Seriously, I love making snow cones with this machine!