Party With Sweet Treats

So when I was out promoting my first book, Sweet Treats for the Holidays, I was putting the finishing touches on my second book!

I can't tell you how many emails and messages that I have received asking for treat ideas for graduation, bridal and baby showers, Mother's Day etc. I really wanted to create everything you wanted and this book was the perfect way to do that!


I had SO MUCH fun creating these new and easy treats, but was on a super tight deadline - 3 months! To say that I was a little stressed is an understatement but as much I as love my first book, I have to say I love this one just as much! 


So many fun treats for holidays, special occasions and just for fun!  Here's a little rundown:


Chinese New Year

Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day

April Fools' Day


Mother's Day

Father's Day

4th of July



Baby Shower

Bridal Shower

Bachelorette Party


Family Game Night

Summer Fun


    and more!!!!


Too many to list but over 60 treats for your sweet celebrations!

Make some cute Panda Snack cakes for Chinese New Year!

Or how about Leprechaun Cupcakes for St. Paddy's Day?

No-bake Snow Cone Cake Pops for the summer!

A sweet little shark pop inspired by Shark Tank's  Barbara Corcoran - honored that she endorsed both of my books!

Happy Grad cake pops for your favorite Graduate!

Easy Circus Animal Cupcakes make any birthday special!

Peanut Butter Checkers.  SO. GOOD. Seriously.

Twinkie Toes for a sweet baby shower!

And here's a recipe I'll share from my book!


Brownie Grill Bites


So Barbecute.
A perfect goody for the Grillmaster. 


6 Little Brownie Bites (such as Entenmann’s)
1 (.67 oz.) tube of black writing gel
12 red Mike and Ike candies
2 green Mike and Ike candies
2 yellow Mike and Ike candies
2 pink Mike and Ike candies
6 toothpicks
18 lollipop sticks
½ cup chocolate melted candy coating
12 dark brown M&M’s

1.    With the black writing gel, make a circle around the top edge of the brownie bite. Then     make grill lines with the writing gel inside of the circle.
2.    Using the black edible marker, make little grill marks on the red Mike & Ike candies so     they look like hot dogs. Place hot dogs on top of brownie grill.
3.    Slice the green, yellow, orange and pink Mike & Ike candies into thirds.
4.    Place one sliced Mike & Ike of each color onto a toothpick for the skewer. Place on     brownie grill. 
5.    Cut lollipop sticks into approximately 2” lengths. Push 2 sticks into the bottom of the     brownie.
6.    Melt chocolate candy coating wafers according to package instructions.
7.    Attach the M&M’s to the bottom of the lollipop sticks for wheels using the melted candy     coating.

Makes 6 Brownie Grill Bites

I was blown away when Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank and Actress Daneel Ackles said they loved my book!


“Party with Sweet Treats is full of easy, edible crafts to make your parties the talk of the town!” 

             -    Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and star of the                               hit television show “Shark Tank”


When I first came across Norene’s site, I thought, this is one talented girl! I didn’t think I could pull off anything that resembled one of her cute food creations. 

Imagine my surprise when I was able to recreate a few of her tiny treats for Halloween in about 15 minutes, using ingredients I found at the drugstore/local grocery store.

Party with Sweet Treats, is a magic wand of a book that can turn any novice sweet maker into a master confectioner! Party with Sweet Treats is the GO TO hostess gift! 

                                        -    Danneel  Ackles, Actress, mom

Norene Cox and Cedar Fort Publishing & Media are pleased to announce the “Party with Sweet Treats: Dressed-up Goodies for Every Occasion” blog tour, which will run from April 1-7, 2015.


About the book:


It’s not a party till you see these sweets! From April Fool’s Day fun to birthday bashes and graduation gatherings, Party with Sweet Treats is a full collection of easy-to-make edible crafts that are sure to impress all your guests. With so many delicious recipes and adorable treats to try, you’ll want to find any excuse to celebrate!


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 April 4: The Marshmallow Studio
 April 5: Bird’s Party
 April 6: Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
 April 7: Reidhead Random-ness


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Party with Sweet Treats is now available for sale on! Thank you for all of your requests and I hope you love it as much as my first book!