XBOX - Teen Boy Party

Coming up with theme parties as your child gets into their teen years gets harder and harder.  Especially if they are boys. Teen boys are NOT SHY about telling you what they think is lame.

XBOX Live is anything BUT lame. In fact, to a teen boy, XBOX Live is life itself.

This party was super inexpensive - I used XBOX controllers as table decor.

I designed all of the cupcake toppers myself by using the XBOX Live logo.

Using XBOX lanyards we already had  I looped a few XBOX games through them and hung them with balloons.

I managed to pull off another cool party according to my son. Whew! - and did I mention that I love the fact that Little Caesar's Pizza is close by? Eight teenage boys swarm like locusts around pizza. They ate TEN, count 'em, TEN large pizzas in less than an hour. (15 slices was the record of the night).