Thanksgiving Dessert Table for Kids

Kids deserve a dessert table all their own!  These sweet treats are so easy to create, they can even help make them!

These teeny tiny turkey tables are an instant hit with the kiddos.  For a full tutorial, click here.

A cupcake to pie for. These cute little pumpkin pie toppers really do taste like pumpkin pie!  I cut slices out of the Jet Puffed Spice mallows (use a wet knife) and then softened caramel in the microwave for the crust and shaped it around the marshmallow. I topped it off with a vanilla mallow bit and ta-da! A mini pumpkin pie.

Make hot cocoa even more fun with these chocolate spoons. Melt chocolate and dip the spoons in.  Add a chocolate candy  melt for the head (I used mint flavored) and decorate with candy eyes and sprinkles.  For the feathers, cut small marshmallows on the diagonal and dip them into colored sprinkles.

Harvest wagon wafer cookies are a cute edible craft to keep the kiddos busy while waiting for dinner. You'll need some chocolate wafer cookies, butterscotch candy, shredded wheat, leaf sprinkles, pumpkin candy and a pretzel stick.  It's all held together with chocolate frosting! Yum!

Mayflower Donettes!  So easy, so yummy.  A full tutorial here.

Lollipopcorn balls.  Dress up your popcorn balls by adding a Tootsie pop for the head, candy eyes and sprinkles.  Lollipops of different colors make the feathers!

Doll up store bought cookies all cute like by spraying them with color mist food coloring.  Add candy eyes and draw on a cute face with an edible marker. Easy peasy.

Happy Thanksgiving!