Celebrating Seattle

Seattle is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Seattle Center - where the World's Fair was held in 1962.


When my friends visit from out of town, they always ask me what are the "must sees and do's" in Seattle.


Well, they're asking the wrong person.


You see, I'm old school.  I remember things like the Bubbleator and the Food Circus in the Seattle Center.  Not that the newer stuff is bad, I just haven't had the hankering to "Ride the Ducks".


I created a dessert table in honor of my most favorite things about Seattle.  Some are very touristy, some, not so much. 

When most people think about Seattle, the first thing that comes to mind is the weather.  Dress in layers, take an umbrella or if you're like most of us, just top off your layers in Gor-tex.


These little umbrella meringue cookie pops are dipped in yellow candy melts.  I used store bought meringue cookies, pushed lollipop sticks in them and dipped them in yellow candy melts.   I cut a blue heart sprinkle in half for the raindrops.

I still love going to the top of the Space Needle.  It's a great way to see the city, any time of day or night, it's just magical.


I made the cupcake toppers from the Keebler 100 Calorie Striped Cookies dipped in white candy melts.  They already have a little hole in the middle so it was perfect for the pretzel stick.  I then topped it off with a white jimmie for the needle and the "legs" were made of white fondant.

The Pike Place Market is my absolutely most favorite place in Seattle.  Crafty vendors, fresh seafood, flowers and produce, and the best place for PEOPLEWATCHING in Seattle.


Fresh raspberries from the Market next to the graham cracker cookies I made.  The tops were frosted and decorated with fondant.  I used edible markers to make the famous Market sign.

This cookie isn't just any clown. It's J.P. Patches, a Seattle icon.  Any kid growing up in Seattle during the 60's or 70's will tell you the majority of their sense of humor comes from watching the J.P. Patches show every morning.  We were known as Patches Pals.  He was one of the funniest people I had ever seen. 


As an adult I witnessed first hand how compassionate he was - that was when my childhood hero became my adult hero.

Dick's Drive-In.  Gobs of Greasy Goodness.  It's the stuff I lived on in college and even if it's cold and raining sideways, it's worth standing in line for.  Another great place to people watch - you can see Bill Gates and entire Little League baseball team in the same line. 


The Dick's signs are made from Rice Krispie treats and fondant.  I painted the sign with food coloring.  The cheeseburgers are actually Oreo Cakesters with a mint patty inside with yellow and red icing.  I made a little bag of fries (complete with greasy spots) and filled them with shoestring potato sticks.

So if you're ever here for a visit, here's MY recommendation for an ideal day in Seattle.

1.  Remo Borrachini's Bakery.  Start with the french cruller or apple strudel.  The strudel was better when it had icing on it, but I still like it.  I still see Remo every time I go in.  He's a sweet man, and I have been eating strudel made by Remo before I could walk.  He made our wedding cake and when I was pregnant I had a craving so my husband drove over an hour to the bakery and I ate half of a quarter sheet cake in the parking lot.  True story.

2.  Since you're in the neighborhood, stop off at O'berto's and grab a polish dog and a jumbo pack of beef jerky remnants. 

3.  Head down to Pike Place.  Yes, it's really touristy, but it's still old school. The flying fish are fun to watch, but the produce at the market is amazing.  BUY some.  Don't just take pictures of them.

Go to Le Panier and order the Normandie - a chicken and onion pastry to DIE FOR. Grab a stool by the window and people watch while you eat. Go back and get a napoleon and a macaron.  The napoleon is a religious experience and the orange macarons are light, airy and taste good.  The majority of macarons I've had in my life are hockey pucks.  Including mine.

4.  Ride to the top of the Space Needle.  Seattle is beautiful and you can see it all here.

5.  Catch a game.  Mariners or Seahawks, whatever's in season.  Even if you are not into sports, Seattle fans are in a class all by themselves and you will have a good time.  DO NOT order the garlic fries.  Even if you like them, you annoy and offend people like me and those around you who don't.

6.  Have dinner at Canlis.  It's truly an event and the service is unmatched.  Yes, you have to wear a coat and tie and dress up.  Yes, it is pricy.  It's worth every penny and you will thank me.  Order a steak please, even if you are on some crazy diet, you won't regret it.  You want heaven on a plate? Two words.  PORK. BELLY. Rivals dessert, and you all know how much I love my desserts. 

 Canlis is classic Seattle and no one even comes close.

7.  There's so much great local talent that going to Jazz Alley, Chop Suey or catching a performance at the Taproot Theatre is a must.

8.  After the show, stop by Dick's Drive-In (we call it Richard's Fine Dining at our house).  I am a purist so my favorite is a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake.  No, Dick's does not "make it your way" -  no subsitutions.  As it should be.

9.  Cap off the evening watching old reruns of Seattle television classics,  J.P. Patches or Almost Live.

This is my ideal Seattle Experience.  You may or may not agree with it - I know I left out a lot of cool stuff, but it I had to narrow it down to a day, this is what I personally would choose.  And yes, it revolved mostly around food.


Now where's that orange macaron...