S'morelicious Summer

What's more adorable s'morable than a smiley faced s'more?

Our S'morelicious party was so much fun!

Super cute s'mores all ready to go - just add a smile with an edible marker and you're all set!

A couple of months ago I was given Betty Crocker's Big Book of Cupcakes and when I saw the Campfire ones, I had to make them! I put my own twist on them and made the "fire" out of fruit snacks.

These little cuties are chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate swirl frosting and topped with a teeny tiny smore made of Golden Grahams cereal, a mini marshmallow and a dollop of chocolate frosting.

Mini Raspberry S'more pies - click here for the recipe from Keebler. Super yummy!

Chocolate swirled marshmallows dipped in Almond Bark & crushed graham crackers made great pops.  Our friends were even roasting these too!

All the fixin's. And I definitely got my sugar fix! LOVE Hershey's!

I made these favors to take home - canning jars filled with a mixture of graham cereal, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.  I topped each jar with a smiley s'more made out of craft foam.

I made my banner out of scrapbook paper - yes, I really did have chocolate chip & graham cracker paper! This banner was totally inspired by Mattie Colla's 5th grade school project.  Thanks so much for the great idea Mattie!!

Some of us liked the marshmallows burned to a crisp.

And others liked them perfectly golden. Obsessively perfectly golden...

Such a fun party - yes, it does still feel more like fall in Seattle than summer, but while we're waiting for the sun, this party was just what we needed to warm up!

So what's more adorable s'morable than a smiley faced s'more?

My s'more colored Beagle!