And the cookie goes to...

Make these cute cookies by first dipping Oreos in vanilla CANDIQUIK.  Add a fondant star sprayed with gold food color mist and top that with a half of a mini Oreo.  Spray a yellow Sour Patch Kid with gold mist also and attach to mini oreo with a dab of CANDIQUIK.

This Oscar party is so budget friendly.  Just cost me under $20 to make.  I started with what I had, leftover popcorn containers from another party and our favorite movie snacks all dressed up fancy-like.

Best Supporting Cupcake. These mini Oreos made perfect film reels were easy to make.  For full directions, click here.

Licorice getting its elegance on.  Bits of red & black licorice in a pretty glass with a fondant gold star. 


Using leftover popcorn holders from my son's graduation, I glued on little red bow ties made from leftover Christmas ribbon. Fancy schmancy without spending a dime.

An affordable and cute Oscar party with fun and easy movie treats!