2012 Summer Olympics - London

These Olympic torch cupake toppers were so easy to make!  The torch was made from cutting off the bottom of an ice cream cone, dipped in vanilla Candiquik, and rolled in gold sugar sprinkles.  The flames are made from fruit roll ups cut with a mini leaf cutter.

Olympic rings marshmallow pops.  I dipped the marshmallows in vanilla Candiquik and attached colored Lifesavers to the round part of the marshmallows.  The yellow and blue Lifesavers were pineapple flavored Lifesavers dipped in yellow and blue food coloring.

Gold, silver and bronze medals made from Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate Candiquik and then coated with gold, silver and orange/gold sugar sprinkles.  The salty and sweet combination is a winner every time!

Oreo cookies dipped in vanilla Candiquik and decorated with fruit roll ups cut in circles to look like the Olympic Rings.  So simple and yummy too!