Mexican Independence Day

For my followers in Mexico, I came up with these sweet treats to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day!

Rice Krispie Treat Mexican Flags were made by simply using white cookie frosting on the top and adding green and red sprinkles on each side.  After the icining dried, edible markers were used to draw in the center of the flag.

Fruit skewers in the colors Mexico's flag.  Green grapes, a marshmallow and strawberries make for easy and festive fiesta food!

Fun Mexican flag marshmallow pops were created by wrapping a strip of green fruit roll up around the top of the marshmallow and a strip of red fruit roll up around the bottom of the marshmallow.  I printed off photos of the flag of Mexico from my computer and glued them to lollipop sticks. 

All of these treats were so easy to make using store-bought ingredients.  Super fun and muy bueno!