M*A*S*H Bash

One of my son's favorite television shows is the classic M*A*S*H.  He wanted to go air-softing in the forest near our house for his 16th birthday, so a M*A*S*H Bash was the perfect way to celebrate!

I recruited the amazing Piggy Bank Parties to design the dog tag invitations.  Can you believe how awesome they turned out?!

The famous M*A*S*H signpost - I created it out of leftover kindling and a Sharpie.

Our patio tent transformed into a Mess Hall.  I purchased craft wood from JoAnns, painted it with acrylic paint and stenciled the letters in white.

I'd like to say that I had planned this, but as a happy coincidence it was Armed Forces Day!  We live a few miles away from a small airport and it was Aviation Day so we had vintage airplanes flying over our house! Carson was loving watching the planes buzz over, it really added to the M*A*S*H theme!

A P-51 airplane overhead.  So cool! It really set the mood!

Mess Hall is set and ready for the troops!

Inexpensive centerpieces, the bronze tins were from the dollar store and the silver 16 star sprays were purchased from Wrap With Us. Kraft paper gift filler also from the dollar store held it in place along with the small flags. I also decorated the table with photos of Carson's birthdays, 1-15 years old, decorated with burlap and put in dollar store frames.

I just love these stainless steel army mess hall trays from KaTom Restaurant Supply!

Personalized dog tags served as place cards at the table for each guest from Army Surplus World.

I purchased grape pop in a bottle and made my own labels.  We couldn't have a M*A*S*H Bash without Radar's Grape Nehi!

The troops reload to go airsofting in the forest before chow time.

I was late getting a photo for the chow line. The troops already destroyed it.

My famous Korean ribs.

Of course we had to have a dessert table!

Hawkeye's Homemade Cookies

Klinger's Caramel Apple Pops

Hot Lips Houlihan's Kisses

Winchester's Whoppers

Colonel Potter's Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Colonel Blake's Bubble Gum and Radar's Root Beer Barrels.

Frank Burns eats (Gummi) Worms and Mulcahy's Mints.

The troops could fill up their MRE bags full of candy.  There was also Trapper's Tootsie Rolls, Sophie's Apple Rings, Swamp Sixlets and Hunnicut's Hershey Bars.

Gift bags to take home

We all watched a DVD I created of Carson's past 16 years. Every guest was able to take one home.  The DVD cases were designed by Piggy Bank Parties.  I wanted them to look like an US Army medic bag and they actually created one - I am constantly amazed by their awesome work!

Toasting the birthday boy with Grape Nehi's

Carson said, "I can't believe your doing this all for me! I'm going to remember this day forever." Me too. Happy Birthday Carson, Sixteen is Sweet!