Happy Hanukkah!

I have received so many emails asking for Hanukkah dessert table ideas, that I just had to create one!  First and foremost, I need to thank my friend Cathy Gellis who educated me on her Jewish faith.  She described her traditions and the meanings behind them.  Then she told me about the most delicious desserts and I had to try and make a few...

Thanks to my partner Lindt Chocolate USA, I was able to create this sweet mini menorah.  Did you know that most of their truffles are Kosher?  Well, they are!  I took the white chocolate truffles and I dipped some of them in blue candy melts.  I rolled one in blue sugar sprinkles and then added Star of David sprinkles to the rest.  I added a larger sugar decoration on the middle truffle.  I attached candles by using more candy melt.   All of the Star of David edibles can be found at shopbakersnook.com.

Here's a larger menorah I created from old-fashioned blue candy sticks and yellow mint chips.  I then sprinkled silver chocolate gelt around it.

I was told to dreidel it up.  These pretty silver dreidels made the prettiest cupcake toppers!

Why not edible dreidels?  I made these out of Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats and pretzel sticks.

I had not heard of rugelach before, but I did manage to find a recipe and made some, adding Star of David sprinkles on top.  Um... YUM. I had to make another batch, they were sooooo gooood!

Sufganiyot is another traditional Jewish dessert.  Jelly filled donuts - I coated them in powdered sugar.

Star of David sugar cookies.

These Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treat dreidels were so easy to make.  Dipped in blue candy melts I added a pretzel stick dipped in white candy melts.  Then I topped each one with white fondant and a Star of David made of sugar.

Check out my book Sweet Treats for the Holidays for more Hanukkah treats! Happy Hanukkah!