Halloween is the biggest party of the entire school year for room mothers, hands down.  Costumes, games, crafts and CANDY, CANDY, CANDY!  I sugared those kids up and sent them home.  School Halloween parties are like rocket fuel for kids!  Since both of my sons are no longer in elementary school, I get the urge to throw a party every Halloween.  Now we invite their best friends over for an annual pizza feed, and one of the high school boys said, "Cool table Mrs. Cox, really impressive - no lie."

I started with a deep purple tablecloth and a Halloween tree as my centerpiece.  The pumpkins I found at Pier One for only $5, or you can glitter your own craft pumpkin.  The spider web candle holders were from Michael's.

I used black plastic square plates topped with purple paper beverage napkins and a little caldron filled with Halloween treats, all from Party City.

Don’t forget to incorporate the creepy elements into your Halloween party.  One of our favorite traditions is to have Scary Sundaes.  Start with your favorite ice cream and then add Scary toppings such as:

Blood  = Strawberry sauce
Earwax = Caramel sauce
Diarrhea = Chocolate sauce
Crunch boogers = Chopped nuts
Pus = Whipping cream
Bloody eyeballs = Maraschino cherries
Oozing brain = Pineapple sauce
Spider legs = Chocolate jimmies
Worms = Gummy worms


For activities for the younger kids (and even some bigger ones) frost cupcakes black and then make them into spiders using black licorice wheels for legs and red M&M’s for eyes.  These will turn your teeth a nice ghoulish black for Halloween!


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