Halloween Scary Sundaes

When my kids were in elementary school I loved being their room mom. The Halloween party was so much fun, but as they grew older, they wanted creepy and not cute.


So I came up with Scary Sundaes.


Okay. It's a little gross. But when your kids are in 5th grade, they LOVE saying, "Pass the Pus!" or "Can I have another squirt of diarrhea on my ice cream?"


Gross, but fun. And I'm all about fun. AND it's super easy to put together without buying special ingredient, no searching for pumpkin candies or spider sprinkles.

All ingredients can be found at your local grocery store!


Caramel Sauce = Earwax

Chocolate Sauce = Diarrhea

Strawberry Sauce = Blood

Whipping Cream = Pus

Crushed Pineapple (tint with a little red food coloring) = Oozing Brains

Chocolate Jimmies Sprinkles = Spider Legs

Gummy Worms = Worms

Chopped Nuts = Crunchy Boogers

Coconut Flakes = Dead Skin

Maraschino Cherries = Bloody Eyeballs

Caramel Sauce (Earwax) Chocolate Sauce (Diarrhea) Strawberry Sauce (Blood)

Strawberry Sauce

Caramel Sauce

Chocolate Jimmies

Gummy Worms

Chopped nuts

Maraschino Cherries

Coconut flakes

Crushed Pineapple mixed with a little red food coloring

Can of spray whipping cream

Mmmmm... crunchy boogers never tasted so good!






Scary Sundae Tags and Labels

Scary Sundaes
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